Metal Fabrication and Welding Career Preparation

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Elliott Glass
CTE Director

Robert Petrino

Michael Sorrentino

Metal Fab Shop

Metal Fabrication & Welding students practice and develop their welding skills in six different welding processes and five metal cutting processes. The welding and cutting is done at one or more of the eight welding booths and seven fabrication stations. Welding skills are taught to the American Welding Society Qualification Standards.

Certifications or licenses you may earn while in high school:

  • Metal Fabrication & Welding Program Certificate
  • American Welding Society Entry Level Certified Welder
  • 10-Hour OSHA Safety Training
  • 30-Hour OSHA Safety Training

Which skills are learned?

Gas metal arc welding, blueprint reading, fabrication of light and heavy gauge metals, shielded metal arc welding, soldering, brazing, oxygen/acetylene cutting.

What type of job can you get after graduation?

Welder/fabricator, CNC plasma machine operators, layout fabricators, or oxy-acetylene burners.

With additional training / education, what jobs are available?

Supervisors, managers, quality inspectors, member of R&D team, prototype builder, welding engineer, instructor, welding business owner, CNC operator, fabricator, or ironworker.