Access Books, Audiobooks, Ebooks and Magazines:

Library Schedule:

7:15am -  2:30pm (except for Friday: close at 2:10pm)

  • Day 1 Closed P2
  • Day 2 Closed P3
  • Day 3 Closed P4
  • Day 4 Closed P5
  • Day 5 Closed P6
  • Day 6 Closed P7
  • Day 7 Closed P1
  • Library books may be checked out for one month at a time.
  • Temporary chromebooks and chargers may be checked out for one school day.
  • The Library Collection Development Policy may be found in the District Policy Manual (page 145)
  • In addition to their Silver Lake Regional High School Library account, students are encouraged to also register for a free Boston Public Library ecard
Librarian, Carrie Mathias

Carrie Mathias, M.S., M.A.
781-585-3844 x1210

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