Bridge Program

What is Bridge?

The Bridge Program works with students who are returning to school from a hospital or treatment center as they navigate the process of reintegrating back into their classes. Students with extended absences from school often need extra support managing academic demands and dealing with the stress of those demands. The goals of the Bridge Program are to assist students to find ways to manage their emotions throughout the school day and to assist them in progressing through their make-up work. During a student’s enrollment in the program, typically 6 - 12 weeks, the majority of a student’s time in the program will be spent working toward those goals. The program takes place during the school day and is located in a small classroom on the first floor.

How does the Bridge Program work?

Academic Support:
  • Assistance prioritizing assignments and creating a plan to complete make-up work
  • Communication with teachers to modify assignments when possible
Clinical Support:
  • Counseling geared towards the development of and application of coping skills
  • Crisis intervention as needed
Family Engagement:
  • Ongoing communication about the student’s progress and needs
  • Recommendations regarding how to best support the student at home
Care Coordination:
  • Ongoing communication with in school and out of school providers
  • Referrals to other services as needed


Ms. Dawn Nickerson
Bridge Program Adjustment Counselor
781-585-3844 X1311