School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a member of the Kingston Police Department tasked with exemplifying the department's approach to community-based policing. The SRO works in conjunction with the school staff and community to help create a safer school environment. The SRO helps to build a positive relationship with the youth, parents and staff.

School Resource Officer Internship Program Overview

The School Resource Officer Internship Program is created in conjunction with the Kingston Police Department. This program will be designed for 12th grade students who have an interest in entering the Criminal Justice field.

The students selected to enter this program will be afforded an opportunity to gain an early understanding of the coursework in a Criminal Justice Degree Program. They will also obtain an overview of many careers in the Criminal Justice field.

The program will be broken down into a total of 6-8 hours of classroom instruction, 10-12 hours ride along time and 4-8 hours of field trip time. Through these methods, I will be able to provide a comprehensive look at some of the prominent jobs in the criminal justice career field including:

  • Police Officer - Correction Officer
  • Parole Officer - Probation Officer
  • Social Worker - Case Manager

The goal will be to develop an understanding of the differences between these jobs, the paths to get to these careers (different degrees or testing requirements) and to develop a basic understanding of what a typical day of work looks like for each of these careers. It will also be important to gain an understanding of the inherent challenges that accompany each of these careers.

The 10-12 hours of ride along time will give the students the opportunity to observe aspects from the classroom learning as they are applied on the job of a Police Officer.

The 4-8 hours of field trip time will give the students the opportunity to view different career paths and their workplace. Potential field trip locations are:

  • Plymouth County Courthouse - Kingston Police Department
  • Plymouth County Correctional Facility - Plymouth DCF

The 8 hours of classroom time will include multiple criminal justice related subjects including:

  • Criminal Justice Career Field -Criminal Law
  • Law & Crime -Constitutional Law
  • Motor Vehicle Law -The US Court System

The classroom portion will either be worked into the student’s schedule (pending a free block), after school or on the free Wednesday (COVID Schedule Pending).

From this program, I hope to have students come away with a basic understanding of the criminal justice field and a deep understanding of the careers involved.

As Seniors at Silver Lake Regional High School, these students are at a pivotal time in their lives. They will soon be making the choice to attend college, and commit significant time and capital towards a career. My hope is that by partaking in this internship program, the students will be able to make a more informed decision on what they will be committing these highly instrumental years to.

This program will enable students to enter college with a basic understanding of what is otherwise completely new course material. More importantly, they will have a complete understanding of what career they will seek, and the steps they will take to get there. I believe that this knowledge will be invaluable for the students.

Officer Allen

If you are interested in the Internship Program, please fill out this application form and Officer Allen will contact you with more information.

School Resource Officer

Officer Allen

Officer Richard Allen