Driver's Ed



  • Classes are held in person. Please see the accompanying calendar for the dates/times of the course.
  • Students must complete the 30 hour classroom course.
  • Any missed classes have to be made up during a subsequent Driver Education session.

Driving Hours:

  • Students must complete: 12 hours driving - 6 hours minimum observation and 40 hours parental supervised driving.
  • All Students are responsible for arranging road and observation time with their instructor.
  • Proper eyewear and dress required - No open toe shoes or sandals allowed while driving.
  • Students must make arrangements to practice at home in addition to what they will do with the Driver Ed program in order to progress through the program.

Parent Course:

  • A parent or Guardian of students who receive a learner's permit under the age of 18 MUST complete a 2 hour parent class.
  • If a parent has attended in the last 5 years for another family member, submit proof to their Drivers Ed secretary.
  • Students are not allowed to drive with an instructor unless a parent attends the parent class.

Registration and Cost:

  • Students MUST be 15 years, 9 months to apply for Drivers Education.
  • The cost of the course is $700. A payment of $400 must accompany student registration. The balance ($300) is due prior to the last Driver's Ed class. Please make checks payable to: SLRHS (Silver Lake Regional High School)
  • Instructors are available for extra road practice @ $50/hr. and Driver License Road Tests at additional cost of $125/hr. Payment is due at or before lesson/test.
  • During registration period, applications can be found on the Registration tab above and completed forms can be dropped off at the CTE Office (Room 1614) by due date.
  • Should the program receive more applications than there are seats for the session - seats will be filled based on the Date of Birth.
  • Refunds: Refunds will only be issued before the start of the first class. Refunds CANNOT be issued one the class has started.

Step by Step Requirements to Get Your License:

  • Hold a Learners Permit for at least 6 months.
  • Complete Drivers Education classes, drive time and GET certificate.
  • Complete 40 hours of parental/guardian supervised driving.
  • Have your parent/guardian complete 2 hours of instruction.
  • Instructor will submit completion of drive time to Drivers Ed secretary so she can enter/pay RMV certificate fee.
  • Schedule your Road Test online.
  • Bring your required documentation to the Road Test.
  • Pass the Road Test.

For more Massachusetts RMV information on the steps to getting a driver's license: Steps Getting a Driver's License

Helpful Links

For more Massachusetts RMV information on the steps to getting a driver's license: Steps Getting a Driver's License

Massachusetts Permit Handbook: Massachusetts Drivers Manual

Permit study test: Practice Test

Prepare for your Road Test video: Road Test Video

Parent Information: Parent of Teen Drivers in Massachusetts

Schedule Road Test: Schedule Road Test

Road Test Application: (Must fill out and bring to test): Road Test Application

Documentation needed to obtain license: (Very important to have the required documents!) Acceptable Forms of ID for license

Registration forms are online only. Please complete the google registration and print/sign permission slip.

For more information please email questions to:
Leslie Kalinowski
781-585-3844 X2005

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Drivers Ed $700 fee include? 
    The fee includes 30 hours classroom instruction, 12 hours of driving time and 6 hours observation in SL Drivers Ed car with instructor, 2 hour parent course and $15 Drivers Ed certificate fee.
  • Can my student receive extra road time practice? 
    Yes they can! Cost is $50/hour for instruction time and car. Payment is due prior to lesson.
  • Can my driving instructor take me to the registry for my road test? 
    Yes. This must be scheduled in advance with the instructor to check availability. Cost is $125/hour for use of car, instructor's time and lesson prior to test. Plymouth Registry only.
  • What happens if a student misses a lesson? 
    Students must make up the same lesson that was missed. They will have to wait until the missed module is taught again at the next Drivers Ed session. Example: student misses modules 7 & 8 in the Winter session, they will have to wait until the date modules 7 & 8 are being taught in the Spring session.
  • What age can my student take Drivers Ed? 
    All students MUST be 15 years, 9 months on the the first day of classes.