History and Social Sciences

Social Studies

The Silver Lake Regional High School Social Studies program develops critical reading, writing, and research skills that are transferable to other disciplines. Our courses offer specific content to better help students understand United States and World History, as well to be able to examine their world through the study of economics, government, psychology, and sociology. The teachers of Social Studies incorporate the core values of our school community identified in the Silver Lake Regional High School Vision of the Graduate. All courses in the Social Studies department encourage students to reach proficiency toward the following SLRHS Academic expectations: Students will write effectively for a variety of purposes and students will read with understanding and use reading as a learning tool.

All students must successfully complete the following three years of history, including World History and United States History, to fulfill the requirements for graduation.

In these courses, students will be expected to:

  • identify and explain the chronological order of historical events and recognize the complexity of cause and effect
  • conduct historical research
  • write essays that analyze the concepts and content studied
  • analyze primary source materials
  • identify and explain the contributions of the past to the present
  • read and interpret various historical sources
  • explain and analyze divergent points-of-view
  • use technology, art, and literature to enhance historical understanding


Ms. Melissa Fontaine
Curriculum Coordinator, 7-12
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Mrs. Rachel Dillon

Mr. Colin Foley

Ms. Lauren Knight

Ms. Erin McLaughlin

Mr. Tom McMahon

Mr. Matthew Peck

Mr. Antonio Pina

Ms. Dara Poulten

Ms. Casey Rekowski

Mr. Anthony Weber