School Hours and Attendance Procedures

The school day begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 1:58 PM.

The Silver Lake Regional School Committee encourages good attendance in order to be successful in school. Therefore, it endorses the following attendance policy:

In order to obtain credit for a course, students may not have more than eight unexcused absences for a semester course and no more than fifteen unexcused absences for a year course. An absence is defined as missing more than one-half a class period. Students will be considered constructively present if they are with an administrator, a guidance counselor, or on a field trip.

If a student exceeds the allowed absences he/she will receive the grade earned for the class but will not receive credit for the course. Seniors are reminded that they need to receive credit in five classes their senior year to be eligible for graduation.

This means that a student who passes a course may move to the next level in an academic sequence but still must make up any required credits before graduation.

Absences will only be excused under the following circumstances: 

              1. There is a specific written request for an excused absence given to the student’s assistant principal within two school days of the absence; and

               2. The absence fits under one of the four circumstances listed below:

                 a. funeral

                 b. legal matter verified by the court/lawyer

                 c. religious holiday

                 d. medical absence documented by a doctor

There is the right to appeal to the Assistant Principal or Principal. The attendance secretary will direct written requests for an excused absence to the appropriate assistant principal. Excused absences will be recorded in PowerSchool by the attendance secretary. Teachers will record grades and keep attendance as usual. At the end of each semester, the Assistant Principal will check class absences that exceed limits and reconcile them with the excused absences within PowerSchool. In accordance to GL Ch 74 regulation requires that any students who miss 25% or more days of vocational classes will not be given credit for their career and technical programs.


Students who are not in their assigned room by 7:30 a.m. are tardy to school and must sign in and get a pass from the attendance office.  

           1. Students who arrive between 7:30-8:00 a.m. will receive one office detention.

           2. Students who arrive between 8:00-8:30 a.m. will receive two office detentions.

           3. Students who arrive after 8:30 a.m. will receive four office detentions

        4. Students are only allowed two unexcused tardies (7:30–8:00 am) per term. Tardies will be excused only if the student has a doctor's note, court appointment, funeral, or religious holiday.


There are two types of dismissals:

1. Illness If you are being dismissed due to illness, the nurse must be able to speak to a parent or guardian prior to the student being issued a dismissal slip, necessary for dismissal. A parent or guardian must be able to pick you up or give permission for you to drive home if you have your driver’s license.

2. Dismissal Other Than Illness You must bring, in advance, a note signed by your parent or guardian. The note must contain the date, time of dismissal, reason for the dismissal, and a telephone number where your parent can be reached between 7:30am and 9:00am on that day. The note must be brought directly to the attendance kiosk after you have arrived in the morning. Every attempt will be made to check each dismissal request before permission is given. You will be given a dismissal slip which you are to show to your classroom teacher at the time of your scheduled dismissal. At the dismissal time, you must sign out at the attendance kiosk.

You will NOT be dismissed by a telephone call unless it is an emergency situation. Parents are expected to report to the attendance kiosk and sign a dismissal form or receive approval of the Assistant Principal. Even if you are eighteen, dismissals will only be granted for an emergency or for those matters that cannot be taken care of after school hours. Every attempt should be made to schedule appointments after school.


Truancy is defined as an absence from school without parent/guardian permission. If you are truant from school, you will receive appropriate discipline and an administrator will contact your parent. Chronic school truancy may be reported to the juvenile court.


Home tutoring is available for students who are absent for an extended period of time due to a medically documented illness/injury. It is a service that does not replace the classroom experience but will provide students the opportunity to stay current with classroom instruction. If it is evident that a student will be out of school for an extended period of time, parents or guardians should contact the student's guidance counselor.


On the day you return to class, it is your responsibility to find out what work you must make up and the time you will have to make up that work. If you have any problems with your make-up work or if you need make-up for extended absences (three consecutive school days or more), please see your assistant principal after consultation with your teachers.

If your absence from class is due to tardiness, dismissal, field trips, or for any reason considered constructively present, your work is still due on that day. You are responsible to find out about assignments, even though you did not attend the class. 


With respect to absences for family trips or appointments, you should submit a letter one week in advance to your assistant principal for his/her signature.  Then you will take this letter to your teachers who will sign it and prepare assignments, when possible, for the days you will be absent.  If assignments are given, you are expected to turn in your work on the day you return to school. Even if you have excused absences, you are responsible to make-up all work missed.