9th Grade Exploratory

9th Grade Exploratory graphic


Elliott Glass
CTE Director

Leslie Kalinowski
Administrative Assistant

The CTE Exploratory Program allows students to explore the technical programs offered at Silver Lake Regional High School. This is a valuable opportunity for students to spend time immersed in each program and gain insight into career options available.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the following programs:

  • Allied Health
  • Automotive Technology
  • Carpentry & Cabinetmaking
  • Culinary Arts
  • Early Education
  • Horticulture
  • Metal Fabrication & Welding

How the Exploratory Program Works:

In our Exploratory Program, students begin with a brief orientation of each program. During Term 1, students have the opportunity to spend two weeks in four of the seven programs. At the beginning of Term 2, students narrow their interests down to two programs, where they spend approximately four weeks in each.

Students will experience first-hand what skills are needed in each program and what career opportunities will be available in the future. Through hands-on activities, they learn about safety, equipment, and trade terminology. This exploration allows students to develop independent ideas about their own interests.

At the end of the exploratory program, students are then placed in a CTE program. Placement is based on a student’s exploratory class grade, attendance, and school discipline. The admissions policy outlines the placement process in more detail. A student’s ability to work cooperatively and participate fully is important.

Sample Four-Year Education Plan:

Silver Lake Regional High School is committed to the success of our graduates. We not only plan your high school courses but identify post-secondary education or training that will help you achieve your career goals.

HS CTE sample schedule


  • CTE/Vocational students applying to MA public colleges are exempt from the Foreign Language requirement – see the Program of Studies for more information.
  • CTE students will receive their PE/Wellness class through a pull-out model. Students are required to take and pass a 20 day unit of PE/Wellness each year as a graduation requirement.
  • There are many variations of this schedule - speak to your guidance counselor with specific questions.