AP Exams

College Board's Advanced Placement test

AP ® (Advanced Placement) Tests are college–level exams on specific subjects administered in May upon the completion of an AP course taken at a student's high school. At many colleges and universities, a high enough score will earn the student college credit. In some instances can mean an overall lower college tuition bill.

AP tests are only offered in May, so if you're going to take them, you need to plan ahead.

Silver Lake Regional High School's Approved AP Courses:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP English Literature & Composition
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP European History
  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Physics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Spanish Language & Culture
  • AP Statistics
  • AP US Government & Politics
  • AP US History
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