Fine Arts Program

Students in the visual arts education program experience a comprehensive and sequential curriculum taught by certified art education specialists, balanced with electives in specialized areas. Courses and extracurricular offerings within the department support the SL Core Values as well as provide opportunity for students to demonstrate many aspects of Vision of the Graduate. Course offerings are established based on the standards contained in the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks with focus on the main strands to CREATE, PRESENT, RESPOND and CONNECT.

Standards for Visual Arts include:

  • Methods, Materials, and Techniques
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Observation, Abstraction, Invention, and Expression
  • Drafting, Revision, and Exhibiting
  • Critical Response
Art Teachers

Kelley DePasqua
7-12 Arts Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs. Hannah Close

Ms. Beth Fradet

Ms. Rachel Maguire
Ms. Maguire's Google site page