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The Silver Lake Regional Middle school Social Studies program develps students' skills in analyzing, synthesizing, and problem solving.  In their Social Studies courses, students will apply Grade 7 and 8 reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills as they learn content specific vocabulary and concepts related to history and social science.

In Grade 7, students take Ancient Civilzations II and continue their study of geography, history, and ancient civilzations by learning about the physical and political geography and ancient societies of South and East Asia, Oceania, and Europe.  Our Grade 7 course culminates with an in-depth study of government in Greece and Rome which is a prelude to the study of Civics in Grade 8.  In Grade 8, students take U.S. and MA Government and Civic Life.  In this course, they explore themese centered on the U.S. political system and government, rights and responsibilities of citizens, MA state and local goverment, and news/media literacy.

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Melissa Fontaine

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