English Language Arts (ELA)

The English Language Arts (ELA) department encourages students to demonstrate our district's Core Values of Respect, Leadership, and Accountability as they learn and grow in all aspects of the Language Arts / Literacy: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Thinking, Viewing, and Presenting.  All courses in the English department are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts and Literacy.

Photo of Nicole Afanasiw

Nicole Afanasiw

ELA Curriculum Coordinator

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Photo of Sarah Heneghan

Sarah Heneghan

Teacher - English

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Photo of Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins

Teacher - English

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Photo of Colleen Jordan

Colleen Jordan

Teacher - English

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Photo of Kathleen Klimm

Kathleen Klimm

Teacher - English

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Photo of Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis

Teacher - English

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Photo of Kathleen Ronan

Kathleen Ronan

Teacher - English

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Photo of Bridget McNamara

Bridget McNamara

Title I Tutor