SLRMS Staff Directory

Photo of Lynne Bailey

Lynne Bailey


Photo of Joseph Basile

Joseph Basile

Teacher - Math

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Photo of Jacob Belcher

Jacob Belcher

Teacher - Science

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Photo of Zachary Belcher

Zachary Belcher

Teacher - Math

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Photo of Diane Berg

Diane Berg

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Michael Bernier

Michael Bernier

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Catharine Boynton

Catharine Boynton


Photo of Daniel Bracken

Daniel Bracken

Teacher - Social Studies

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Photo of Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess

Teacher - Math LTS

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Photo of Kelly Burke

Kelly Burke

Teacher - Math

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Photo of Jennifer Carvalho

Jennifer Carvalho

Teacher - Science

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Photo of Elizabeth Casey

Elizabeth Casey


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Photo of Michelle Chaffee

Michelle Chaffee

Teacher - Science

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Photo of Blake Chaffins

Blake Chaffins

Adjustment Counselor

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Photo of Kathryn Connon

Kathryn Connon

Teacher - Math

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Photo of Becky Couet

Becky Couet


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Photo of Michelle Crowell

Michelle Crowell

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Nicole Dickinson

Nicole Dickinson

School Nurse

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Photo of Matthew Donohue

Matthew Donohue


Photo of Renee Donohue

Renee Donohue

Guidance Counselor

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Matthew Donovan

School Resource Officer

Photo of Todd Egan

Todd Egan

Head Custodian

Photo of Alison Farah

Alison Farah

Teacher - French

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Photo of Joyce Flibotte

Joyce Flibotte


Zachary Gentile


Photo of Colleen Gibbons

Colleen Gibbons

Teacher - Physical Education

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Photo of Jennifer Gillis

Jennifer Gillis

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Kelly Goff

Kelly Goff

Teacher - Technology LTS

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Photo of A. Grant

A. Grant


Photo of Paula Guilford

Paula Guilford

Guidance Administrative Assistant/Registrar

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Photo of Julie Haley

Julie Haley

Nurse Office Paraprofessional

Photo of Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall

Office Aide

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Photo of Daniel Hayward

Daniel Hayward


Photo of Sarah Heneghan

Sarah Heneghan

Teacher - English

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Photo of Betsey Hunter

Betsey Hunter


Brian Hurley

School Resource Officer

Photo of Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins

Teacher - English

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Photo of Colleen Jordan

Colleen Jordan

Teacher - English

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Photo of Erin Kehoe

Erin Kehoe


Photo of Mark Killinger

Mark Killinger

Teacher - Wellness

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Photo of Kathleen Klimm

Kathleen Klimm

Teacher - English

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Photo of Marlo Knight

Marlo Knight

Cafeteria Custodian

Photo of Jon Lay

Jon Lay

Teacher - Music

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Photo of Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis

Teacher - English

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Photo of Georgia MacDonald

Georgia MacDonald

Teacher - Spanish

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Photo of Elizabeth MacFarlane

Elizabeth MacFarlane

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Matthew MacKenzie

Matthew MacKenzie

Teacher - Social Studies

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Photo of Bridget McNamara

Bridget McNamara

Title I Tutor

Photo of Devin Michaud

Devin Michaud


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Photo of Kelsea Miller

Kelsea Miller

Adjustment Counselor

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Photo of Gary Moore

Gary Moore

Teacher - Social Studies

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Photo of Rachel Moran

Rachel Moran

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Matthew Muise

Matthew Muise

Teacher - Science

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Photo of Christine Murphy

Christine Murphy

Teacher - Math

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Photo of David Murphy

David Murphy

Manger of Information Systems

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Photo of Jeanine Nastar

Jeanine Nastar

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Laurie Parker

Laurie Parker

Teacher - Math

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Photo of Jeffrey Post

Jeffrey Post


Photo of Scott Powers

Scott Powers

Teacher - Social Studies

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Photo of Wayne Reissfelder

Wayne Reissfelder

Teacher - Social Studies

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Photo of Brian Riordan

Brian Riordan

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Kathleen Ronan

Kathleen Ronan

Teacher - English

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Photo of Christine Ross

Christine Ross


Photo of Donald Rothemich

Donald Rothemich

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Anne Rudin

Anne Rudin

Teacher - Developmental Learning Center

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Photo of Stacey Ruxton

Stacey Ruxton

Cafeteria Manager

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Photo of Amy Sampson

Amy Sampson

Teacher - Math

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Photo of Brent Schouler

Brent Schouler

Teacher - Science

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Frank Sotomayor


Margaret Spada

Teacher - Special Education

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Julie Spolidoro

Teacher - Wellness LTS

  • Email Julie Spolidoro
Photo of Jennifer Stanford

Jennifer Stanford

Administrative Assistant to the Principal

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Photo of Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart

School Psychologist

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Photo of Svitlana "Lana" Tereshko

Svitlana "Lana" Tereshko

Teacher - ESL

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Photo of Erik Todd

Erik Todd

Teacher - Technology & Engineering

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Photo of Lea Tyler

Lea Tyler

Teacher - Music

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Photo of Donnamarie Vitt

Donnamarie Vitt


Photo of Erika Voss

Erika Voss

Teacher - Art

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Photo of Julie Walker

Julie Walker

Teacher - Technology

  • Email Julie Walker
Photo of Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Gabriela Walsh

Gabriela Walsh

Teacher - Social Studies

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Lynne Welch

Food Services Secretary

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Photo of Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams


Photo of Scott Williams

Scott Williams

Teacher - Spanish

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Photo of Amy Woods

Amy Woods


Photo of Amy Young

Amy Young

Teacher - Science

  • Email Amy Young