Grade 1

As a Grade One Team, we believe that all children have the right to total growth, whether it is social, emotional, physical, or intellectual. In order for this to be accomplished, a safe learning environment must be established so that the learner can feel free to develop his/her potential at their own pace.

Providing children with concrete, hands-on experiences is one way in which young children begin to relate their school experiences to their own lives. By doing this, we are focusing on learning as a lifelong process. We are committed to nurturing and fostering these concepts within our classroom to encourage young children to become thinkers, to be responsible, and to begin to solve problems on their own. Our teaching practices incorporate the gradual release of responsibility model.

Grade 1 Teachers


Grade 2 Teachers

Emily Hogan

Teacher - Grade 1

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Lauren Bellao

Teacher - Grade 1

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Laura Cushing

Teacher - Grade 4

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Elizabeth Antoine

Teacher - Grade 1

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