Halifax Elementary School is home to 571 students in Kindergarten through Grade 6. Our school provides all students with a rigorous academic program based on the Massachusetts Common Core Standards. All students in Kindergarten through grade 6 receive weekly instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and Computer. We provide children with an opportunity to participate in chorus, and an after-school band. These experiences play an integral role in the complete education for all children.

We continue to provide a full day Kindergarten program for our students and a Kindergarten Countdown Program which enables parents and incoming Kindergarten students a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

In providing the best educational experience for all of our students, we have a strong support team which included the services of a full time School Psychologist, School Adjustment Counselor, 2 Reading Specialists, a Speech Language Pathologist, 4 part time Title 1 Tutors, and part time Occupational and Physical Therapists. It is our goal to have all children experience success based on their individual needs. We are pleased to welcome our new district K-6 Curriculum Coordinator who works closely with each elementary school in the district to develop and enrich our curriculum. We are now using a new English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum to connect with the Common Core Standards. Working with test data, matching it with rigorous teacher instruction and student learning will help to build student success.