Welcome to the SLRMS Guidance Department

The mission of the Silver Lake Regional Middle School Guidance Department is to provide counseling programs and services that provide all students with the requisite knowledge and skills for success in the academic/technical, workplace readiness, and personal/social domains.

Our primary goal of the Silver Lake Regional Middle School counseling program is to promote and enhance student achievement. As student advocates, the grade-level counselors consult and collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to assist students to succeed in the academic, social, and personal domains. More specifically, the grade-level counselors help the students adjust to middle school, discover and nurture their talents, make responsible decisions, set goals, and cope with problems involving school, friends, and/or family. The guidance counselor monitors and fosters the individual progress of the students by participating in team meetings with teachers to identify and work to address the needs of all students. In an effort to help students achieve success in the academic, social, and personal domains, the guidance counselors engage in individual, small group, and crisis counseling as needed.

Students may visit their counselor at any time, as long as they have a pass. If the student has an urgent problem and the counselor is not available, the student should report to another counselor, the nurse, or the main office. In an effort to help students make the most of their middle school experience, the guidance counselor facilitates communications between home and school. Parents with questions or concerns regarding their child are encouraged to contact the appropriate grade-level guidance counselor.

Guidance Staff

Renee Donohue
Guidance Counselor - Grade 7/8
781.582.3555 ext. 3222

Dan Stewart
School Psychologist
781.582.3555 ext. 3221

Blake Chaffins

School Adjustment Counselor


781.582.3555 ext. 3223