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The Silver Lake Integrated Preschool at Kingston Elementary School has been helping the children of Kingston, Plympton, and Halifax get off to a great start since 1989. Our program is designed to provide opportunities for children with and without special needs to develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally to their own personal best. Children are provided with opportunities throughout the day to develop language and literacy skills as well as social inquiry skills.

It is the purpose of the preschool to help children gain a better understanding of themselves and those around them. They are encouraged to value themselves as unique individuals and to appreciate differences in others. It is also the purpose of the program to develop a positive attitude toward school and learning. To accomplish these goals, the preschool staff will facilitate, support, guide, encourage and instruct each child to ensure that every child strives for the best that he or she is capable of achieving. Our learning environments are child-centered. The day to day activities are language and play based. Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate as well as educationally challenging for learners of all levels.

Staff Directory

Jennifer Amara


Photo of Eileen Beaulieu

Eileen Beaulieu

Speech / Language Pathologist

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Photo of Deirdre Bertone

Deirdre Bertone

Teacher - Preschool

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Photo of Leesa Bleicken

Leesa Bleicken

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Photo of Jolene Brenner

Jolene Brenner

Teacher - Preschool

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Valerie Carlson


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Photo of Casey Casey

Casey Casey


Photo of Karen DeShiro

Karen DeShiro


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Photo of Serena Downer

Serena Downer


Victoria Furman


Jennifer Gauthier


Heather Gibbons

Teacher - Preschool

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Photo of Tracy Kelleher

Tracy Kelleher

Teacher - Preschool

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Photo of Alice Langton

Alice Langton


Photo of Kathleen Lynch

Kathleen Lynch

Speech / Language Pathologist

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Hailey McMahon

Teacher - Preschool

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Photo of Jill Medas

Jill Medas


Photo of Sabrina Moncada

Sabrina Moncada


Ashley Moran

Teacher - Preschool

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Ann Perry


Photo of Kellie Pupko

Kellie Pupko

Occupational Therapist

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Photo of Kelly Reed

Kelly Reed

Office Aide - Special Education

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Kathleen Talkowski

Teacher - Preschool

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Layne Watson