Kingston Intermediate School Staff Directory

Photo of Shannon Ahern

Shannon Ahern

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Sharon Alwardt

Sharon Alwardt

Teacher - Grade 3

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Photo of Jennifer Archibald

Jennifer Archibald

Teacher - Structured Learning Center

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Photo of Bethany Arnold

Bethany Arnold


Photo of Natasha Ashworth

Natasha Ashworth


Photo of Shawn Avery

Shawn Avery

Technology Specialist

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Photo of Laura Berlo

Laura Berlo

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Scott Bernazzani

Scott Bernazzani

Computer Technician

Photo of Brette Blette

Brette Blette

Teacher - Grade 4

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Photo of Breanne Boccallini

Breanne Boccallini

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Ashley Brainard

Ashley Brainard

Teacher - Grade 4

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Photo of Emma Bruce

Emma Bruce

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Ralph Bruzzese

Ralph Bruzzese

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Coleen Burgess

Coleen Burgess

Office Aide - Special Education

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Photo of Lisa Butterworth

Lisa Butterworth

Teacher - Special Education LTS

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Photo of Abigail Carroll

Abigail Carroll

Teacher - Art

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Photo of Pamela Carroll

Pamela Carroll


Photo of Dylan Civale

Dylan Civale

Teacher - Special Education

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Photo of Kathleen Clougherty

Kathleen Clougherty

Teacher - Grade 6

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Photo of Alanah Colantuoni

Alanah Colantuoni


Photo of Deborah Conley

Deborah Conley

Title I Tutor

Photo of Christine Cosgrove

Christine Cosgrove

Teacher - Grade 3

  • Email Christine Cosgrove
Photo of Jennifer Cray

Jennifer Cray

Teacher - Grade 5

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Photo of Joseph Curran

Joseph Curran

Teacher - Grade 6

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Photo of Emily Curtin

Emily Curtin


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Photo of Rebecca Deaton

Rebecca Deaton

School Nurse

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Photo of Steven DeFelice

Steven DeFelice


Photo of Kelly Delnickas

Kelly Delnickas

Title I Tutor

Photo of Mary Pat Dodge

Mary Pat Dodge

Teacher - Grade 4

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Photo of Arianna Doherty

Arianna Doherty


Photo of Jill Doyle

Jill Doyle


Photo of Lana Eldridge

Lana Eldridge

Nutrition Worker

Photo of Elizabeth Emmett

Elizabeth Emmett

Teacher - Grade 5

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Photo of Kiera Fallon

Kiera Fallon


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Photo of Brian Ferriera

Brian Ferriera


Photo of Meghan Flaherty

Meghan Flaherty

Teacher - Grade 4

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Photo of Wendy Fox

Wendy Fox


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Photo of Christopher Gagne

Christopher Gagne

Behavior Analyst

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Photo of Pamela Ganley

Pamela Ganley

Cafeteria Manager

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Photo of Jacqueline Gilmore

Jacqueline Gilmore

Teacher - Grade 5

  • Email Jacqueline Gilmore
Photo of Colleen Godin

Colleen Godin


Photo of Emily Goodwin

Emily Goodwin

Teacher - Grade 5

  • Email Emily Goodwin
Photo of Deirdre Graceffa

Deirdre Graceffa

Teacher - Grade 3

  • Email Deirdre Graceffa
Photo of Meghan Gren

Meghan Gren

Teacher - Grade 6

  • Email Meghan Gren
Photo of Emily Heythaler

Emily Heythaler

Teacher - Grade 5

  • Email Emily Heythaler
Photo of Jamie Hoover

Jamie Hoover

Teacher - Grade 3

  • Email Jamie Hoover
Photo of Caitlin Howard

Caitlin Howard

Reading Specialist

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Photo of Maria Jankowski

Maria Jankowski


Photo of Natalie Joyal

Natalie Joyal

Adjustment Counselor

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Photo of Amy Kane

Amy Kane

Rules Based Reading Interventionist

  • Email Amy Kane
Photo of Andrew Karparis

Andrew Karparis

Teacher - Physical Education

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Photo of Rebecca Kavanagh

Rebecca Kavanagh


Photo of Cheryl Key

Cheryl Key

Teacher - ESL

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Photo of Jane LaFerrara

Jane LaFerrara

Teacher - Grade 4

  • Email Jane LaFerrara
Photo of Kelly Landry

Kelly Landry


Photo of Carol Lormer

Carol Lormer

Office Aide

Elizabeth Magoun


Photo of Aileen Marchetti

Aileen Marchetti


Photo of Laura Marino

Laura Marino


Photo of Paula Marino

Paula Marino

Reading Specialist

  • Email Paula Marino
Photo of Andrew Materna

Andrew Materna


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Photo of Alison Mazzilli

Alison Mazzilli

Teacher - Grade 6

  • Email Alison Mazzilli
Photo of Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer McDonald

Teacher - Grade 6

  • Email Jennifer McDonald
Photo of Eileen McHugh

Eileen McHugh

Lunch / Recess Aide

Photo of Theresa Mellen

Theresa Mellen

School Psychologist

  • Email Theresa Mellen
Photo of Joy Mello

Joy Mello

Math Interventionist

  • Email Joy Mello
Photo of Alexandra Moskowitz

Alexandra Moskowitz


Photo of Lisa Neenan

Lisa Neenan

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Mindy Nickerson

Mindy Nickerson

Teacher - Grade 3

  • Email Mindy Nickerson
Photo of Matthew O’Connor

Matthew O’Connor

Teacher - Grade 6

  • Email Matthew O’Connor
Photo of David Palana

David Palana

Teacher - Grade 6

  • Email David Palana
Photo of Lisa Rapalje

Lisa Rapalje

Teacher - Grade 5

  • Email Lisa Rapalje
Photo of Katherine Reynolds

Katherine Reynolds

Teacher - Language Based Learning Center

  • Email Katherine Reynolds
Photo of Dawn Richardson

Dawn Richardson

Teacher - Grade 3

  • Email Dawn Richardson
Photo of Jeanne Royle

Jeanne Royle

Lunch / Recess Aide

Photo of Tracey Sawiski

Tracey Sawiski


Photo of Theresa Scoledge

Theresa Scoledge


Photo of Sarah Short

Sarah Short


Photo of Charles Siegener

Charles Siegener

Teacher - Music

  • Email Charles Siegener
Photo of Linda Smith

Linda Smith

Teacher - Grade 5

  • Email Linda Smith
Photo of Christine Snow

Christine Snow

Cafeteria Worker

Photo of Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag

Teacher - Special Education

  • Email Susan Sontag
Photo of Beth Splaine

Beth Splaine

Teacher - Grade 3

  • Email Beth Splaine
Photo of Julia Turner

Julia Turner

Teacher - Grade 4

  • Email Julia Turner
Photo of Courtney Viveiros

Courtney Viveiros

Teacher - Grade 4

  • Email Courtney Viveiros
Photo of Meaghan Ward

Meaghan Ward

Teacher - Speech/Language

  • Email Meaghan Ward