Strategy for District Improvement


Silver Lake Regional District and SU #31 aspires to create a community where everyone belongs and staff and students encourage one another to grow, learn, achieve, and dream, without limit.

Core Values

In Silver Lake Regional School District, we:
  • Prioritize relationship-building as the foundation for learning in our classrooms, schools, and communities.
  • Commit to just and inclusive communities where all students, staff, and families are welcome, safe, and respected.
  • Challenge students and staff to inspire, create, innovate, and take intellectual risks.
  • Build resilience, perseverance, persistence and independence so that our students are prepared to navigate the world as contributing citizens in Silver Lake and beyond.

Theory of Action

If we foster a culture that is inclusive, promotes positive relationships among students, the school, and our communities... And then engage all students through a relevant, standards-based, PK-12 curriculum where students are pushed to solve authentic problems... While emphasizing high expectations for all through research-based effective strategies... Then we will develop citizens prepared for the future because of their ability to persevere, creatively solve problems, and collaborate while contributing to the success of local, national, and global communities.