Name Position Phone Email
Jill Proulx Superintendent of Schools 781-585-4313
Ryan Lynch

Assistant Superintendent, Civil Rights Coordinator,
Title IX/Grievance Coordinator, ELL Coordinator,
ADA Compliance Officer

Marie Grable Administrator of Special Education 781-585-4382
Christine Healy Director of Business Services 781-585-4313
Melissa Farrell Title I Director, K-6 Curriculum Coordinator 781-585-4313
Steve Pellowe Technology Director 781-582-3555
David Turcotte Director of Human Resources 781-585-4313
Michaela Gill Principal of Silver Lake Regional High School 781-585-3844
Becky Couet Principal of Silver Lake Regional Middle School 781-582-3555
John Garofalo Silver Lake Regional High School Director of Guidance 781-585-3844
Elliott Glass Director of Career and Technical Programs 781-585-3844
Kayne Beaudry Principal of Halifax Elementary School 781-293-2581
Kerri Whipple Principal of Kingston Elementary School 781-585-3821
Mike Bambery Principal of Kingston Intermediate School 781-585-0472
Peter Veneto Principal of Dennett Elementary School 781-585-3659